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YouTube Competition Yields 3 Compelling New Elton John Music Videos

Elton John & Bernie Taupin have been creating huge hit songs for decades.

Fifty years to be exact.

Three of their greatest hits – “Rocket Man,” “Bennie And The Jets,” and “Tiny Dancer” – reached audiences without official music videos as that was a time long before MTV.

Elton and Bernie joined forces with YouTube to give filmmakers the chance to bring their video visions of these three songs to life utilizing three different styles: live-action, animation and choreography.

All three offer compelling storytelling and texture to the tunes.

My favorite has to be Majid Adin’s “Rocket Man,” where he brings to bear his own personal journey as an Iranian refugee. Embracing a heartfelt sense of loneliness, the animated video is human, thoughtful and poignant.

More from Elton John’s official website:

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of their songwriting partnership, Elton John and Bernie Taupin gave new filmmakers the chance to create the official music videos for three iconic Elton hits. A panel of industry renowned judges selected three winning filmmakers who went on to receive support from YouTube and top production studios to bring their ideas to life.

Iranian filmmaker Majid Adin reimagines Rocket Man to tell a thought-provoking story of adventure, loneliness and hope.

Jack Whiteley and Laura Brownhill’s music video tells the story of the formation of Bennie and her Jets.

Inspired by Elton and Bernie’s love of California, Max Weiland captures the free-spirited characters of LA in this sun-soaked homage to the Golden State.

(h/t JoeMyGod)