Years After Defending His Two Moms, Zach Wahls Wins Nomination For State Senate

Zach Wahls

It was just days after I launched The Randy Report that 19-year-old Zach Wahls of Iowa stood up in front of state lawmakers to introduce his two mothers as he argued for marriage equality in his state.

It was one of the most moving speeches I’d ever seen.

“I’m not really so different from any of your children. My family really isn’t so different from yours. After all, your family doesn’t derive its sense of worth from being told by the state, ‘You’re married—congratulations!’ No, the sense of family comes from the commitment we make to each other, to work through the hard times so we can enjoy the good ones; it comes from the love that binds us. That’s what makes a family.”

Speaking to legislators about the importance of marriage equality to his family, Zach was beyond poised and focused. Here’s the speech:

The Advocate called it “the most popular political video of 2011.”

In 2012, the handsome 20-year-old Wahls released his book, My Two Moms: Lessons of Love, Strength, and What Makes a Family.

Last night, now-26-year-old Zach won his primary in Iowa as he runs to become a state senator in Iowa’s District 37. The woofy Wahls garnered 60% of the vote in his race.

Wahls moves on to the November election to fill the seat vacated by Democratic Sen. Bob Dvorsky, who announced his retirement after more than 30 years in the Iowa legislature.

If Wahls wins the seat, he will be one of the youngest people to ever serve in the state Senate.