With No Results From Iowa (Still) Candidates Go For Positive Spin

With No Results From Iowa (Still) Candidates Go For Positive Spin
Pete Buttigieg in Iowa (screen capture)

The day after the rather inauspicious ‘first in the nation’ Iowa caucuses, there’s still no results to point to.

The app that was created for precincts to report their results failed to work, and so folks in charge attempted to phone-in results to the Democratic party powers-that-be. And the phone lines jammed.

The party says the delay is due to “inconsistencies.”

So, everyone is waiting…and waiting.

As the candidates move on to New Hampshire, Iowa loses its chance to crown an emerging victor and candidates lose their moment in the sun.

Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Mayor Pete Buttigieg, according to several sources, did well but with no official tallies, they kind of got robbed of their moment.

If anything, former Vice President Joe Biden (who we hear might not have had such a great night) lucks out with the waters being so muddied.

And, folks took umbrage with Buttigieg telling his supporters “We are going on to New Hampshire victorious!”

My take is: Iowa is about setting a narrative, and so since Iowa Dems couldn’t get it done, Mayor Pete was setting his own by putting a positive spin on the night.

Let’s face it – a year ago, no one expected Pete to be ranked at the top of the competing Dems. So, if he ends up in first, second or third place in terms of Iowa, he’s certainly surprised a lot of people.

Here’s his speech to supporters last night.