Whatever happened to class?

Trump in Las Vegas last night. This is what you would get folks. What a role model.

As for Libya and Iraq, Trump said last night he’s not concerned about those countries unless America can profit from their oil. They should pay for the protections the United States offers, he said.

“When we have a war, we lose thousands of lives, we spend trillions of dollars and then we leave,” he said. “I say we go in and take their oil.”

Great. Now he’s saying we go steal other country’s assets.

And now there are reports that Donald Trump subjected female employees to frequent sexual harassment, forcing them to endure the lewd and lascivious remarks he made to them. Trump, furthermore, often harassed, demeaned and humiliated his gay employees by referring to them collectively as “the faggots.” Donald Trump, in other words, abused his position of power as an employer to degrade his employees, bullying them on the basis of their gender and/or sexual orientation.

And from politicususa.com: His contemptuous and disrespectful attitude towards women is seen in various remarks he has made about his wives. In February, 2008, he told ABC’s Nightline “I just know it’s very hard for them (Ivana and Marla) to compete because I do love what I do. I really love it.” It is more than evident that Donald Trump loves what he does – and what he does is to use his public position to inflame archaic, irrational bigotries and sexism in the more unenlightened portions of the American populace.

Julian Long, former employee, says that one evening, after a performance conducted by Leonard Bernstein, in the Green Room, Trump was present with a young blonde female escort, not Marla Maples on his arm. Julian overheard Trump refer to Maestro Bernstein as a “Faggot Jew.”

More recently, Trump has engaged in public bullying and intimidation of American LGBTers, inciting his followers to perpetuate institutionalized discrimination against them. He is still on his ignoble warpath of hate and idiocy, using President Obama as a proxy through which to lash out at and emotionally wound a majority of African-Americans.

This is what you get. I find it hard to believe he will really run for President with a history of public statements like the one in this video. But stranger things have happened.

And America has a history that if you throw enough money at something, you can buy it.