Washington: Super-Spreader Event Leads To Spike In COVID Infections

A super-spreader event in Washington state has led to nearly 100 COVID-19 infections
(screen capture via KREM2)

The pandemic deniers are still at it.

From NBC News affiliate KREM2:

A three-day-long super-spreader event in Republic, Washington is causing a spike in COVID-19 cases in Ferry County. As of Wednesday, nearly 100 people had been infected.

The event was set up to recruit new Eagle’s Club members the weekend of April 9-11. Some said it was advertised as a protest against COVID-19 restrictions. The club president said it was simply a dinner and poker night to attract new members.

Health officials in Republic said patient zero was traced back to the event. Since then, infections have reached far into the community.

The bank in town had to shut down early and brought in temporary workers. One of the only grocery stores also had limited capacity and county services have taken a hit with court cases being delayed because so many workers are either home sick or in quarantine.

These kinds of events have been happening throughout the past year as the pandemic has raged on.

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