Warwick Rowers Preview Their 2017 Calendar


We need more diversions, and just in time come the Warwick Rowers with a preview of their 2017 Calendar.

The Warwick Rowers project has long been one of the world’s most eye-catching straight ally projects, and its serious influence continues to grow. Sport Allies, the charity they have set up and continue to fund, has now become a registered charity. It has caught the attention of top UK politicians and is about to launch an in depth academic report on homophobia and gender inequality.

All profits from Warwick Rowers sales go to recognised charities and the calendar itself uses nudity to make a serious point about the need for a more inclusive culture in sport towards people who tend to be marginalised on the grounds of sexuality or gender.

More info about the Warwick Rowers and how to buy your 2017 Calendar, click here.