Walmart Gym Shorts Sell Out Fast

Walmart gym shorts sell out fast
(screen capture)

A friend of mine recently sent me a web link to Walmart gym shorts with a note that read, “I didn’t know International Male bought Walmart…?”

The link led to a page on the Walmart website where you could purchase these running “Men’s Casual Short Pants Gym Fitness Jogging Running Sports Wear Shorts Trousers:”

Walmart running short featured a photo that was probably a little racy for their shoppers
(screen capture)

I’m guessing someone took a look at the photo finally and realized it just MIGHT be a bit racy for the average Walmart shopper.

Since the item is now listed as “Out of Stock,” I’m thinking that first pic worked just fine.

Now the link goes to this page.

The not-so-racy version of Walmart's running shorts