Viral Video: Driver Fails To Signal While Turning, Police Officer Approaches Car With Gun Drawn

This video has gone viral overnight with over 100K retweets.

Apparently, the driver was stopped for failing to signal at a turn. With a black man at the wheel, the police officer approached the car with his gun drawn.

He then pointed the gun at the driver.

For failing to signal???

I don’t know a single white person who’s been stopped for failing to signal and had a police officer draw a gun on them.

Clearly the officer repeats over and over “Ok” as his only response for legal reasons with the camera recording.

Americans need to have a discussion with our police offices. There needs to be a real dialogue.

If there was a reason to draw his gun, I’d have preferred the officer explain a rational reason. I’d have preferred he TALK with the driver. I’d have preferred he have a dialogue with the driver.

At least the officer kept calm.

Watch below.