Video: University of Kentucky cheerleading

Both my husband Michael and I were college cheerleaders. The couple in the video below is uber-impressive.

I should add about my cheerleading career that my dad, who was an amazing athlete his entire life, loved that I FINALLY got involved in something athletic when cheerleading came along for me. My senior year in high school, male cheerleaders were added to the squad. And it was something that I naturally excelled at. I really enjoyed the performance aspect, I guess.

When I got to Syracuse University my freshman year, I happened to wander into the college gym where the cheerleaders were practicing. I watched for a while, waxing nostalgic, and at some point someone from the squad said ‘hello.’ Although SU usually didn’t have freshman cheerleaders, they had just lost one of their guys to who got a rare spot at the Ringling Bros/Barnum & Bailey Circus Clown school – and off he had gone. So, out of luck, I was recruited and began my college cheering career.

 I had some great times being a part of that squad. And it led to great friendships, and my pledging Sigma Chi fraternity. (That is a story we’ll leave for another time…)

In any case, check out these two below. They rock.

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