Data: Vaccinated Individuals 14 Times Less Likely To Contract Monkeypox

New data shows vaccinated individuals were 14 times less likely to become infected with the virus than those who weren't.

New data shows those individuals who received at least one shot of the monkeypox vaccine were 14 times less likely to contract the virus than those who were not vaccinated.

From the Washington Blade:

Rochelle Walensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, said during the conference call the preliminary data — collected from 32 states between July 2022 and September 2022 — provides an early snapshot of the effectiveness of the vaccine and cause for optimism on the path forward.

“These new data provide us with a level of cautious optimism that the vaccine is working as intended,” Walkensky said. “These early findings and similar results from studies and other countries suggest even one dose of the monkeypox vaccine offers at least some initial protection against infection.”

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Walensky admits the data collected thus far isn’t quite complete.

For example, this new data is based on information regarding individuals who have obtained only the first Jynneos shot as opposed to the two-shot vaccination process.

The report also doesn’t make differentiate between those who have received the vaccine through subcutaneous injection versus the newer intradermal injection adopted as a result of the early vaccine shortage.

And, the data doesn’t examine how individuals’ behavioral changes — like curtailing the number of intimate partners during the peak of the outbreak — might have come into play in calculating the final results of the report.

Although the overall number of new cases of monkeypox continues to decline, there are still serious racial disparities found in cases today as Black and Latino people are overrepresented in the numbers.