Utah Teen Sentenced In Homophobic Hate Crime

Utah Teen Sentenced In Homophobic Hate Crime
One of the alleged assailants (screen cap)

A 17-year-old in juvenile court in Sandy, Utah, was ordered to continue probation and volunteer with a local LGBTQ group after committing a homophobic hate crime two months prior.

From Fox13:

“It makes me sad that still today in 2022, kids are still going through this kind of thing,” said the victim’s mother Stefanie Peacock. “That anyone is going through anything like this, and especially that it happened to my son.”

Her son, Christian, was standing on his driveway hugging his boyfriend when a teenager punched him in the face, yelling homophobic comments at the two on July 30.

They were a group who drove by twice, with the incident escalating when they came by the second time.

The assault charges were enhanced by hate crime charges.

At the hearing the judge terminated the teen’s home detention and electronic monitoring but kept his probation intact.

The judge also ordered the minor to serve additional community service hours volunteering with LGBTQ+ groups, taking an empathy class, writing an apology letter to Christian, and paying restitution for the material damages.

A friend of the assailant was also charged with retaliation against Christian and his family.

There were also reports of a sea of Pride flags outside the courthouse to show support for Christian.

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