US Olympian hottie Ryan Lochte could be the next “Bachelor”

Ryan Lochte, hottie US 2012 Olympian, apparently has his eyes on a new prize: being a reality TV star.

On an appearance with Matt Lauer on the TODAY SHOW he said,  “I’m definitely looking towards Dancing With the Stars and The Bachelor,
so we’ll see what happens,” adding that he plans to move to
Los Angeles and work on a fashion line. A rep for ABC would not comment
on casting for The Bachelor.

As The Hollywood Reporter exclusively reported, Lochte’s sports agent, Erika Wright, said that the swimmer has multiple TV offers on the table.

“I cannot tell you the exact shows, but two different reality show
concepts have been offered and one additional is being discussed,”
Wright wrote in an e-mail, adding that American talk shows are angling
to book Lochte as a guest when he returns to the States.