Upcoming music: Matt Zarley – “Hopeful Romantic”

Upcoming music: Matt Zarley – “Hopeful Romantic”
OutMusic Award winner Matt Zarley

Matt Zarley, out singer/songwriter and 2012 OutMusic Award winner for Best Album and Best Single is gearing up for his next project and he’s asking friends and fans to be involved.  The woofy singer  is launching a Kickstarter project in hopes of raising funds to take his next project to the next level.

From Zarley’s Kickstarter page:

I have always wanted to do an album that was purely romantic. The original concept of this album was inspired by a true love that I had experienced. I now believe in “love at first sight”, cuz I lived it. When I first started to work on this, my relationship unexpectedly ended…leaving me heartbroken and confused. Since then, I’ve uncovered truths about myself and lessons were learned. What started as a sweet valentine to the one I loved, was now becoming alot more dimensional. Though this is inspired though my own personal experience, it’s a universal story…told through an optimistic lens.

This is by far the most ambitious project I’ve conceived. With ambition, comes alot of costs. 100% of the proceeds from your pledges will go to the costs of producers, directors, editors, musicians, cinematographers, editors, publicity, and marketing. No amount is too small. If we’re fortunate enough to surpass the goal amount, the remainder of the proceeds will still go to the funding of this project. The more raised, the better the videos look…and maybe I’ll be able to do an additional song or two.

To read more and/or contribute, visit the Kickstarter project page by clicking here.

And check out his music on iTunes here