Unvaccinated Couple Both Die From COVID Leaving 4 Children Behind

An unvaccinated couple in Texas have both died from COVID-19 leaving behind four children and massive medical bills.

ABC News affiliate ABC13 reports the couple were taken to the University of Texas Medical Branch in League City on July 12 when they were diagnosed with COVID-19.

On August 2, Lawrence Rodriguez died after three weeks in the hospital. Lydia Rodriguez, his wife of 21 years, then lost her fight against the virus on August 17.

According to a crowd funding campaign organized by family member Dottie Jones, Lawrence was initially doing ok on just oxygen. But he “took a turn for the worse” and was transferred to the same ICU where Lydia was being cared for.

Jones told ABC13 the couple did not believe in vaccines. It was only when Lydia was in the ICU that she’d changed her mind.

ABC13 reports one of the last things she told her sister before being intubated was, “Please make sure my children are vaccinated.”

“It breaks my heart that people are believing the misinformation that’s out there,” says Jones. “The misinformation that’s out there. The misinformation is killing people, and we need to get the truth out there.”

At this writing, the crowdfunding campaign has raised nearly $60,000 to reportedly cover the hospital bills of the unvaccinated couple.