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Ukraine: Gay Couple Attacked While Recreating “Walking While Gay” Video

From Bird In Flight:

Last week the creators of ChebuRussia TV published a video that documented how people in Moscow reacted to two young men walking around the city holding hands. The video has more than eight million views by now.

This experiment was widely discussed in Ukraine as well, and some speculated on whether the reaction to a similar couple in, say, Kyiv would be different.

Bird In Flight decided to see for themselves and filmed Zoryan and Tymur walking in crowded public spaces.

We can see that most of the people have a neutral opinion, they show no particular interest. This proves that the confrontation is between the two minorities.

The only problem is that one of the minorities is excessively aggressive. I think that law enforcement should start the so called ‘safari’ on aggressors, because the latter are discriminating against Ukrainians, popularizing violence and are making it clear with their actions and statements that law enforcement is insignificant to them and the aggression will remain unpunished.