U.S. Reports Nearly 100K New Cases Of Coronavirus In A Day

U.S. Reports Nearly 100K New Cases Of Coronavirus In A Day

As Donald Trump tells his campaign rally attendees that the U.S. has “rounded the curve” of the coronavirus pandemic, actual facts say differently as nearly 100,000 new coronavirus cases were reported on Friday – a new daily record.

From the Washington Post:

The milestone — the first daily tally above 90,000 — came a week after the country passed 80,000 cases in a day, breaking the record set during a summer case surge concentrated in the Sun Belt. Experts have long predicted another spike in cases as cold weather sends many indoors and aids the virus’s spread.

The holiday travel season has public health officials worried too. And cases are surging in every swing state that is crucial to next week’s presidential election.

Total confirmed cases in the U.S. topped 9 million Friday, with the last 1 million recorded in just over two weeks. Increased testing alone does not explain the jump in cases; current coronavirus hospitalizations are steadily rising again, though they have yet to surpass the summer’s peak.

At least 229,000 deaths have been linked to the coronavirus.

On Thursday night, Donald Trump Jr. declared that coronavirus deaths had dropped to “almost nothing” and “we’ve gotten control of this.”