Two Articles Of Impeachment Of Trump Announced

Two Articles Of Impeachment Of Trump Announced
Donald Trump (image via Flickr/WhiteHouse – public domain)

The U.S. House of Representatives, for only the third time in the history of our nation, today announced Articles of Impeachment against President Donald Trump.

The two articles of impeachment allege:

• Article I: Abuse of Power for asking the president of Ukraine to announce an investigation into his perceived political opponent for the 2020 election, former Vice President Joe Biden. In saying during a phone call with the Ukraine president “We need a favor though…” he conditioned military aide that had already been approved by Congress. 

Article I also notes a head of state meeting was held at arm’s length unless the investigation was announced.

• Article II: Obstruction of Congress for directing unprecedented defiance of subpoenas issued by the House of Representatives in the form of withholding documents requested by House Committees, and directing current and former Executive branch officials to not cooperate with those Committees.

You can, and should, read the Articles of Impeachment here. It’s not long and Americans should be fully informed on this episode of U.S. history.

According to The Hill, Trump would like the trial to begin “sooner than later.”

Should the Articles of Impeachment pass in the House as expected, a trial will be held in the U.S. Senate where the 100 Senators will act as the jury. 

There are currently 53 Republican senators. A super-majority of 67 senators will be required to find Trump guilty.

I do not see 20 GOP senators voting against their own president as long as he’s appointing the federal judges they want.

Article I will be argued as semantics as to whether “We need a favor though” and other evidence will convince those 20 senators to cross the aisle.

Article II seems obvious – Trump did obstruct the investigation. But his Republican soldiers in the Senate will turn a blind-eye to that.

That’s my prediction.

In the end, the ‘point’ will be history showing House Democrats doing their appointed jobs.

What is very, very unclear is whether the impeachment proceedings will energize Trump’s base to get out and reelect him next fall, or will more Democratic and Independent voters show up to vote him out?

We shall see.

The Trumpster, predictably, responded on Twitter: