Tucker Carlson Wants To Know How Effective COVID Vaccines Are

Tucker Carlson
Fox News talking head Tucker Carlson

Fox News talking head Tucker Carlson seemed a bit outraged in a recent screed when he demanded to know ‘how effective’ the approved COVID-19 vaccines are.

So, all of this should prompt some pretty tough questions for our public health experts in this country. And one of those questions is, “How effective is this coronavirus vaccine?” How necessary is it to take the vaccine?

Don’t dismiss those questions from anti-vaxxers, don’t kick people off social media for asking them, answer the questions — especially now. The administration would like you to take this vaccine, Joe Biden told you last week if you don’t, you can’t celebrate the Fourth of July.

But it turns out there are things we don’t know about the effects of this vaccine and all vaccines by the way — it’s always a trade-off. So, should this scare you? We don’t know, but the rest of us deserve an answer.

Well, Tucker, have you tried checking out the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website? Have you checked out the FDA website?

Both will tell you a study for the Pfizer vaccine involved 36,523 participants, 18,198 received the vaccine and 18,325 received saline placebo. The vaccine was 95 percent effective in preventing COVID-19 disease among these clinical trial participants. In the vaccine group, 8 developed cases of COVID-19 while there were 162 COVID-19 cases in the placebo group.

Also from the FDA site – a similar study of the Moderna vaccine found it to be 94.1% effective in preventing serious cases of the coronavirus.

This isn’t really hard, you know…

And by the way, Joe Biden did not say if you don’t get the vaccine “you can’t celebrate the Fourth of July.”

Biden said there was a “good chance” that friends and families would be able to safely gather together in small groups to celebrate July 4th if Americans would vaccinated and continue to follow health guidelines, such as mask-wearing.

p.s. Tucker, your boss, Rupert Murdoch, got the shot almost the instant it was available. So, there’s that…

One more thing: Fox News and conservatives are tying themselves in knots trying to give all the credit for the vaccines to Donald Trump. So, which is it? Is he to blame for a faulty vaccine or does he get credit for vaccines that are helping stave off the coronavirus?