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Trump Worries In Twitter Rant: “Attorney-Client Privilege Is Dead!”

Donald Trump

Donald Trump was still in Twitter-rant mode this morning as he continued to rail about yesterday’s raid by the FBI on his personal lawyer’s office, home and hotel room.

Declarations of “Attorney–client privilege is dead!” and “A TOTAL WITCH HUNT!!!” flew from the Trumpster’s fingers even as the Twitterverse pointed out that attorney/client privilege does have limits.

If there’s evidence his lawyer, Michael Cohen, was aiding Trump in committing fraud, in the area of campaign finance for instance, attorney/client privilege becomes null and void.

It’s possible Trump had no idea that there are limits to attorney/client privilege.

Additionally, as I mentioned yesterday in my report on the raids, it is rare for the FBI to execute a search warrant on an attorney. For the FBI to have taken such extreme steps means they probably expected Cohen to be considering destroying evidence, but also had to convince a magistrate of that via hard evidence.

Plus, while Trump would like to believe this is all a partisan attack, folks were quick to point out that  the top decision-makers who have been involved in the ongoing Trump investigations have all been Republicans.