Trump Twitter Rant: “13 Angry Democrats (Plus)”

Trump Twitter Rant: “13 Angry Democrats (Plus)”
Donald Trump

Donald Trump on Thursday railed yet again today on Twitter regarding special counsel Robert Mueller’s team saying the investigations have shown bias against him.

None of that has been proven. This is called deflection. And those folks who are too weak or lazy to actually read real news believe it.

Trump called for a list of the group’s “many conflicts of interest” to be publicized. Mueller himself is a life-long Republican. He also revived his calls for “the server” which folks guess refers to Hillary Clinton’s email server that was turned over to authorities years ago.

Trump continues to push the theory that the FBI implanted a spy in his campaign even though Republican lawmakers who saw classified material on the FBI informant said they did not see evidence to support Trump’s claims.

But here’s the best tweet today about Donald Trump and his veep, Mike Pence: