Trump Tweets: It’s So Cold US Could Use Some Global Warming

As most of the Eastern United States is experiencing freezing temperatures and possibly record-breaking New Years Eve temperatures, the frigid environs inspired Donald Trump to tweet (for a change) calling for “a little bit of that good old Global Warming.”

Obviously, the Trumpster is confused as to the differences between “weather” and “climate,” two different things.

From The New York Times:

Climate refers to how the atmosphere acts over a long period of time, while weather describes what’s happening on a much shorter time scale. The climate can be thought of, in a way, as the sum of long periods of weather.

Or, to use an analogy Mr. Trump might appreciate, weather is how much money you have in your pocket today, whereas climate is your net worth. A billionaire who has forgotten his wallet one day is not poor, anymore than a poor person who lands a windfall of several hundred dollars is suddenly rich. What matters is what happens over the long term.