Donald “Back To Work” Trump Golfs For 4th Day In A Row

Donald “Back To Work” Trump Golfs For 4th Day In A Row

I couldn’t possibly report this news better than the folks at Mediaite:

After President Donald Trump successfully saved Christmas, he triumphantly tweeted that he would be getting back to work the very next day, pulling up his bootstraps to make America great again “faster than anyone anticipated.”

Imagine everyone’s surprise when he showed up at the golf course the very next day to play a “quick” round. Now, imagine everyone’s surprise when he did this again the very next day, and, well, even the day after that.

Surely, the world thought, he could not golf for a fourth day in a row. Not even the most retired dads in the most retired parts of Florida can muster up four days in a row. That’s madness!

You know, the only reason I give a shit about the Trumpster golfing is he took President Obama to task so often for playing himself. In fact, he’s played more than 50% the amount of golf Obama did in his first year.

Here’s just one example:

The hypocrisy is unbelievable.