Trump Storms Out Of Piers Morgan Interview

Trump storms out of his interview with Piers Morgan after arguing about the results of the 2020 election which the Donald lost.
L-R Donald Trump, Piers Morgan (screen captures)

Piers Morgan’s interview with Donald Trump for the upcoming new series “Piers Morgan Uncensored” didn’t quite go as planned as a new promo clip indicates Trump storms out after arguing with the newsman over and over about the results of the 2020 election.

According to an essay Morgan penned for the New York Post, minutes before the interview was to take place, a member of Morgan’s team told him “we have a problem.”

It seems Trump had received a three-page document of quotes by Morgan criticizing Trump over the last two years. Piers admits they were all his, and he says he still stands by them. He also notes he’s said nice things about the Trumpster over the years as well.

He went to Trump, with whom he’s been friends for 15 years – ever since Morgan won the first season of “Celebrity Apprentice.”

Trump Storms Out Of Piers Morgan Interview
Donald Trump

Here’s just some of the quotes Trump read back to Morgan, complete with dramatic pauses between each line as Trump would peer over the document “with mounting rage in his eyes.”

”What the f–k IS this?” he snarled. “Trump’s a supreme narcissist …”

“His pathetic antics in the past few weeks since losing the election in November have been utterly contemptible.”

”Trump’s now too dangerous, he’s morphed into a monster that I no longer recognize as someone I considered to be a friend and thought I knew.”

“He’s now acting like a Mafia mob boss.”

“And all because Donald’s stupendous ego couldn’t accept losing and sent him nuts.”

“January 7, 2021 – President Trump needs to be removed from office. As soon as possible … through new emergency articles of impeachment, which would have the additional benefit of barring him from ever running for the presidency again.”


Trump Storms Out Of Piers Morgan Interview
Donald Trump

After staring at each other for some time, Morgan tried to change the mood.

”I’d love to talk about your recent golf hole-in-one,” Morgan ad-libbed. “Your playing partner Ernie Els was raving about it.”

Trump sat bolt upright. ”He was? Where?”

“In a newspaper interview I read,” said Morgan. “He said it was a brilliant shot and you played really well.”

“I did, I did.”

Suddenly, Trump clapped his hands: “OK, I guess I’ll still do the interview. I don’t know why, honestly, but I’ll see you down there.”

Trump Storms Out Of Piers Morgan Interview
Donald Trump and Piers Morgan

The 20-minute interview stretched out to 75 minutes and reportedly went well, until Morgan brought up the 2020 election.

After an angry back and forth (I’m guessing what we see in the video above), Trump tried to end things by declaring, “That’s it!” before Morgan reminded him that they hadn’t discussed his hole-in-one.

Trump then sat down and briefly spoke of his athletic achievement before jumping to his feet, and barking at the shocked crew: “TURN THE CAMERAS OFF!”

Morgan says Trump “sloped angrily off through a side door, loudly muttering, ‘SO dishonest …’”

You may recall a similar scene where Trump stormed out of an interview with veteran journalist Lesley Stahl of 60 Minutes in October 2020.

Read Morgan’s full essay here.