Trump Retweets GIF Of Him Hitting Hillary With Golf Ball

Donald Trump went on another of his infamous Twitter screeds Sunday morning including retweeting a gif spliced together that appeared to show him hitting Hillary Clinton in the back with a golf ball.

The original tweeter is a user whose handle is @Fuctupmind and his bio is full of pro-Trump and anti-Hillary hashtags.

“Donald Trump’s amazing golf swing #CrookedHillary,” the user wrote in the caption.

Trump’s retweet sent the Twitterverse into overdrive. Clearly, the retweet was red meat for his base, and the classlessness of the move infuriated his detractors.

The former director of the independent Office of Government Ethics, Walter Shaub Jr., who resigned in July after clashes with the president tweeted, “The man is unfit.”

Trump also took time to mock North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Un, as “Rocketman:”

Plus a few retweets of memes that were flattering to him in an effort to stroke his ego:

Just another crazy morning in Trump Town.