Trump: ‘Little Michael’ Bloomberg Will Fail

Donald Trump told reporters today he’d be “happy” if former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg were to jump in the 2020 presidential election.

“There’s nobody I’d rather run against than Little Michael. I‘ve known Michael Bloomberg for a long time. He said a lot of great things about Trump. But I know Michael. He became just a nothing. He’s not going to do well, but I think he’s going to hurt Biden, actually. But he doesn’t have the magic to do well.

“He’ll spend a lot of money. He has some really big issues, some personal problems, and he’s got a lot of other problems. But I know Michael Bloomberg fairly well. Not too well, but fairly well. Well enough. He will not do well. And if he did run, I’d be happy.”

As much as the Donald loves to talk about how rich he is, Bloomberg – worth more than $52 billion – is really, really rich.