Trump Calls His Former Attorney General A “Gutless Pig”

Trump Calls His Former Attorney General A “Gutless Pig”

Donald Trump took to social media to call his own former Attorney General Bill Barr a “gutless pig” after Barr told Fox News audiences that Trump is “toast” if even half of his federal indictment is true.

From the Donald:

Virtually everyone is saying that the Indictment is about Election Interference & should not have been brought, except Bill Barr, a “disgruntled former employee” & lazy Attorney General who was weak & totally ineffective. He doesn’t mean what he’s saying, it’s just MISINFORMATION.Barr’s doing it because he hates “TRUMP” for firing him. He was deathly afraid of the Radical Left when they said they would Impeach him. He knows the Indictment is Bull…. Turn off FoxNews when that “Gutless Pig” is on!

This is what Barr told the folks at Fox News:

“It started out under the Presidential Records Act and the Archives trying to retrieve documents that Trump had no right to have. But it quickly became clear that what the government was really worried about were these classified and very sensitive documents.

“And so the government’s agenda was to get those, protect those documents, and get them out. And I think it was perfectly appropriate to do that. It was the right thing to do. And I think the counts under the Espionage Act that he willfully retained those documents are solid counts.

“I do think that even half of what Andy McCarthy said, which is if even half of it is true, then he’s toast. I mean, it’s a pretty, it’s a very detailed indictment, and it’s very, very damning.”