True Blood: Manganiello talks about being naked onset

True Blood’s Joe Manganiello and Alexander Skarsgard faced off sans clothes on last night’s True Blood episode. Manganiello tells MTV that it’s less interesting to be nude on the set with Skarsgard than it is to be with a live wolf.

Says Manganiello: “The showdown between Alcide and Eric takes place in the lake. Eric has drunk some fairy blood so he can be in the sunlight. Sookie has to enlist Alcide’s help to go track him down so he has to transform into a wolf and go sniff him out,” he explained. “Basically it’s Alcide and Eric both naked, screaming at each other at the top of their lungs with Sookie in the middle.”

Manganiello added that the whole being naked thing isn’t nearly as interesting as working with live wolves on set.

“Anytime the wolves come out it’s always a little wild,” Manganiello admitted. “Alex and I were both naked, him in the water, me not, yelling. There’s a wolf near us, Anna’s in the middle. We shot it on Valentine’s Day, so there were a lot of ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ jokes going on with Anna. It was a lot of fun,” he said. “Alex is a really funny guy, so is Anna. It’s also funny to watch Anna interact with the wolves. I think it’s hilarious.”

(Screencaptures from superherofan)