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‘Transparent’ Reveals The Fate Of Jeffrey Tambor’s Character

Jeffrey Tambor in ‘Transparent’

These days, when an actor screws up, they don’t just get fired.

Their character gets killed off.

Just ask Roseanne Barr, whose racist Twitter rant got her bounced from the reboot of her eponymous sitcom, Roseanne.

The sitcom survived, though, and in the opening of the show’s second season we learned her character had been killed off due to an opioid overdose.


The same fate has befallen Jeffrey Tambor’s character of ‘Maura’ on the award-winning Amazon Prime series, Transparent.

Tambor was fired last year at the height of the #MeToo movement last year when allegations of inappropriate behavior by Tambor surfaced.

Now, series creator Jill Solloway has revealed that Maura will be killed off in the series finale scheduled to drop this fall.

Plus, the episode will be a musical extravaganza!

Yes, the remaining characters will be singing their way through their sorrow.

From the Los Angeles Times:

“We were all in mourning in many ways, and we all had to process together,” Soloway told The Times about the decision to kill off the character. “It was important [for the show] to go through all those stages. The show has always been a reflection of who we were and we were mourning our own narrative.”

She added: “People say when they’re making musicals that there are moments when the characters have to sing because they can’t put something into words. I think it’s the same thing with what our show went through, we felt like we needed a different way of looking at the family. And we did it through song.”

Soloway describes the musical send-off as a tribute to all musicals — referring to it as a “Jewish Christ Superstar or anxious ‘Godspell’ or ‘Ordinary People’ on ice” before finally declaring it a “genderqueer Jewish fantasia.” Among the slated musical numbers is a song titled, “Your Boundary Is My Trigger,” which Soloway calls a mother-daughter aria between Sarah and Shelley about the powerful nature of maternal love.

The series shared some photos from the musical finale on its Instagram account.