Trans-Inclusive Starbucks Ad Roils Far-Right Haters

Trans-Inclusive Starbucks Ad Roils Far-Right Haters

A new trans-inclusive Starbucks ad has transphobes unhinged calling for people to boycott the coffee company.

The ad spot, released by Starbucks India for its ‘It Starts With Your Name’ campaign, presents the coffee company as a place of acceptance and inclusion.

In the clip, two middle-aged parents are waiting at a Starbucks coffee house for their child, Arpit, to arrive.

With tension in the air, the woman urges her husband, “Listen … don’t get angry this time please.” A young woman then enters the coffee house – the couple’s child who is transitioning.

“Thank you for meeting me, Dad,” says the daughter. “I know it’s been years but you still mean the world to me.”

The father nods and then heads to the counter to order coffee for the three.

Moments later, the barista announces the order: “Three cold coffees for Arpita.”

Arpita reacts to the subtle sign of acceptance from her father as he tells her,  “For me, you are still my kid, only a letter got added to your name.”

Cut to the hashtag #ItStartsWithYourName on screen.

You can watch below. The anti-trans comments on Twitter are quite awful.