Train Conductor Schools Two Anti-Transgender “Dolts”

Train Conductor Schools Two Anti-Transgender “Dolts”

My dear friend Tom Viola shared this fantastic story of a patriotic train conductor schooling two idiots on a train bound for NYC via Broadway actress Kerry O’Malley:

On an Amtrak train headed to NYC. Mildly buzzed doltish business men two seats ahead of me are complaining about “the damn trannies who cost the army so much money switching themselves around on the taxpayers’ dime.”

While I contemplate if/what to say to these offensive a$$h0les, the conductor walks by and asks for their tickets.

“Tickets, please. Going to New York? Let me ask you, gentlemen, something. Have you ever gone to war?” The dolts don’t understand.

“Have either of you men served your country?” They look at each other, puzzled and shake their heads NO. “Because I have. And if I don’t care about the privates of my comrade in arms, why the hell do you?”

Dumbfounded and wounded silence.

First dolt:”Excuse me, sir…”

Conductor:”I will not excuse you. If my buddy loses a leg saving my ass, they sure as hell deserve the support of the Army to be a whole person, whatever makes them whole.”

Dolt #2:”We didn’t mean anything by it…”

Conductor:”Exactly. Might be a better use of your conversation to make yourself mean something.”

Dolt #2:”I’m sorry.”

The conductor looks them both in the eye for an uncomfortably long time.

“Wilmington next!” The conductor moves to the next car.

The dolts look at each other. “Shit.”