Trailer: Reboot Of CBS’ Hit Sitcom “Murphy Brown”

Trailer: Reboot Of CBS’ Hit Sitcom “Murphy Brown”
Candice Bergen as “Murphy Brown”

Obviously the most tantalizing flavor in TV programming today is the ubiquitous “reboot.”

What with Will & Grace and Roseanne back on the boards, I guess it was a matter of time before we’d see 90s fave Murphy Brown on the comeback trail.

Via Entertainment Weekly:

In the original, Candice Bergen’s Brown anchored a primetime news magazine. This time, she’s going to be hosting a show called Murphy in the Morning. Her biggest competitor will be her own son (played by Limitless actor Jake McDorman)— who’s hosting his own conservative morning news show. When executives were asked if the setup was supposed to mirror the MSNBC/Fox News Morning Joe vs. Fox & Friends rivalry, they confirmed that was a fitting comparison.

“I left FYI a few years ago,” Candice Bergen says in character as Murphy Brown.

“The problem was, I didn’t know what to do with myself,” she continued. “And then, we had an election.”

Oh yes, Murphy will be going on some pretty awesome Trump tirades you can be sure 🙂

Also back for the ride are former cast members Faith Ford, Joe Regalbuto and Grant Shaud. Oh! And the fab Tyne Daly is joining the cast!

I was definitely a fan back in the day. I’ll be checking out our irreverent Ms. Brown for sure.

I’ll also be checking out the oh-so-handsome Jake McDorman who’s set to play Murphy’s son, Avery.

Trailer: Reboot Of CBS’ Hit Sitcom “Murphy Brown”
Jake McDorman

Watch the trailer below.