Trailer: Final Season Of Netflix’s “House Of Cards”

Trailer: Final Season Of Netflix’s “House Of Cards”


Streaming giant Netflix released the official trailer for the upcoming sixth and final season of its hit political drama, House of Cards.

As I’ve already reported, we know Kevin Spacey’s “Frank Underwood” is killed off in the new season.

In this new trailer, we get a sense of how Robin Wright’s “Claire Underwood,” who became the first female president of the United States at the end of last season, will handle those around her.

“I’m not going to be told what to do anymore,” she tells one former ally, “not by you or any man.”

Oscar-nominees Diane Lane & Greg Kinnear will play “Annette & Bill Shepherd,” siblings who are apparently behind-the-scenes power players in Washington politics.

Its hard to tell if Lane is Claire’s new ally or foe. At one point, she shares with Claire that she slept with now-dead Frank Underwood years before.

They say timing is everything, so you’ll note the streaming service plans to drop the entire final season on November 2, just four days before the midterm elections.

Watch the trailer below.