Trailer: DC’s “Legends Of Tomorrow”

DC Comics has released the first official trailer for the upcoming spinoff from Arrow and The FlashLegends of Tomorrow.

The show will feature not only heroes (Atom, Firestorm, Canary) but villains (Captain Cold, Heatwave). And time-travel will be a big component to the ongoing storyline.

I didn’t really see the villains being a part of the “team” but love the idea of seeing more of Wentworth Miller’s “Captain Cold.” He’s brought a lot to The Flash so far, and he’s been unpredictable as a character making him very watchable. Oh, and the “easy on the eyes” part doesn’t hurt 🙂

The promo looks promising. You do have to wonder: since producer Greg Berlanti loves to offer crossover story lines, will he give us a tie-in to his new CBS series Supergirl since she’s also a DC character? Or will the two worlds exist in separate universes?