Trailer: The Comeback of THE COMEBACK

Trailer: The Comeback  of THE COMEBACK

Lisa Kudrow is just brilliant as “Valerie Cherish” in The Comeback which returns to HBO on November 9th for a new season after a nine year hiatus.

Can. Not. Wait.

OUT’s Aaron Hicklin got the chance to ask Lisa Kudrow about The Comeback‘s first season in 2005 and how Kudrow’s “Valerie Cherish” is different today:

Kudrow on the 2014 “Valerie”
“This season, things are just a little bigger. Valerie’s not in a four-year marriage—it’s a 14-year marriage. Also, her mind-set about reality and dignity is a little different, because we’ve all since accepted, Oh, there’s probably a camera somewhere. You know, someone flips a table: ‘Well, I guess that’s good TV.’ Back then, she really thought everything about her was fantastic, and the only time she started to crack was when she began to suspect she’d been taken advantage of. We have a little more of that earlier on this time around.”

The uncomfortability of indignity
“My husband has a hard time watching The Comeback. When we were first making the show, he came to visit the set and saw a scene and said, ‘Who wrote that? Who’s making my wife do that?’ And they replied, ‘Uh, your wife wrote it.’ A couple of years ago, I watched all of them again. And with the first two, I thought, Wow, this is brutal. There was no violence and no sex, and yet it was really uncomfortable. But that’s how it is everywhere. Everyone has to suffer some kind of indignity to get along in his or her professional pursuit.”

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And mark your calendars – The Comeback Season 2 begins November 9 on HBO.