Tony Perkins Lying On Fox News: Kim Davis Isn’t Forcing Her Beliefs On Anyone

Here’s hate group leader Tony Perkins lying again on Fox News.

Perkins continues to spin the tale of Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis who refuses to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples due to anti-gay animus.

Perkins tries to say Davis is not “forcing her beliefs on anyone,” but the fact is she won’t do the job she was elected to do and issue marriage licenses to gays.

Perkins alludes to her “deep religious beliefs” but Davis has no problem issuing marriage licenses to divorced folks – which is clearly a sin in the Bible. You have to wonder why is it only the gay sin that offends her?

Of course, Perkins is hawking his new book here, which the host says “points out a lot of (pause) ‘interesting’ stories.”

I couldn’t agree more.