Tony Perkins hating on equal protections in Houston

Tony Perkins has become famous for his use of hyperbole to support
his positions. When he cites “serious criminal punishment” for violating
the Houston ordinance, what he is referring to is a fine of “not less
than $250 nor more than $500.”

Houston’s fine for exceeding the speed limit by 15mph is $240.

“Can five words change the outcome of a radical measure in Houston? Locals hope so. When openly lesbian Mayor Annise Parker said, ‘This debate is about me,’ she may have been the undoing of the very ordinance she’s fighting for. Under the watchful gaze of the rest of the country, America’s fourth largest city has been locked in a vicious debate over an anti-freedom, anti-safety, anti-Christian proposal that could shape the landscape for special privilege. Wednesday, the public battle reconvenes, as the City Council votes on a measure that would force Houstonians to celebrate homosexuality and transgenderism, regardless of their personal beliefs, or face serious criminal punishment.

“As part of the bill, Mayor Parker (who said this effort was ‘intensely personal’) men would be allowed to use women’s showers, locker rooms, and bathrooms (and vice-versa) based on their ‘perceived gender’ — opening the door (quite literally) for sexual predators to prey on women and girls under the guise of gender confusion. The backlash against the ordinance has been severe, thanks in large part to a strong coalition of pastors and local conservatives who refuse to be steamrolled by the forces of political correctness. While the actual vote was put off, the opposition hasn’t. It continues to sound the alarm to local families about the devastation this could inflict — not just on Houston, but any city emboldened to try a similar stunt.” – Hate group leader Tony Perkins, via press release.

Read the ordinance here.

(h/t JMG)