Tony Perkins Declares False Win Over Target

According to virulently anti-LGBT activist Tony Perkins, the haters have department store Target on the ropes due to a boycott launched against the super-stores’ policy of allowing transgender customers to use a restroom that aligns with their gender identity.

Via press release:

After more than 1.1 million people pledged to boycott Target, celebrities and corporations alike are having second thoughts about crossing Americans on such a consensus issue. The decision by the retail giant is not only sparking massive backlash, but it’s helping the country get a real picture of the controversy in North Carolina. It’s also shown liberals that without the big media’s cover, twisting the facts of the law, they’re all by themselves.

There’s even more evidence of that this week, as more singers are keeping their concert dates in North Carolina than canceling them. Even more telling, not one business has threatened to leave the state after seeing what happened to the retail giant — which has taken a $2.5 billion hit since letting grown men in women’s restrooms and dressing rooms. After executives announced the change, shares dropped 6 percent in just 10 days.

I’ll note that Target stock is currently trading at $80.01 (at this writing). One year ago today, the stock closed at $79.65.

Hardly bringing Target to it’s knees, is it?

As a matter of fact, I was at Target yesterday buying food and household items. Not only am I a regular customer, but I make  point to go there thanks to the store’s inclusive policies.

So, suck it Perkins.