Tom Judson at The Metropolitan Room

Tom Judson at The Metropolitan Room
Tom Judson suits up for
“The Tom Judson Show”
After performing his show all summer long in Provincetown, Tom Judson brings his new solo cabaret act, “The Tom Judson Show”, to The Metropolitan Room in New York City.
Getting back to his musician roots, Tom’s new show is reminiscent of the sparkling entertainments that were once found at every smart supper club in Manhattan. Utilizing the skills that landed him on Broadway, Tom croons at the piano in a vintage tuxedo and sings an eclectic selection of songs from well-known standards to some surprising obscure gems. From Harold Arlen to Alan Cumming to Victor Herbert. And he peppers the musical selections with anecdotes and stories about some of the celebrities he’s crossed paths with during his career.
Directed by Michael Schiralli, “The Tom Judson Show” is an evening of song and story so entrancing that Michael Musto writing in the Village Voice insisted, “Let’s get this man a show at the Carlyle or the Algonquin. I’m serious!”
Tom Judson has appeared onstage as a singer, musician, actor and — in earlier days — as an object of lust and adoration as “Gus Mattox”, GayVN Award-winning adult film star. He has composed music for off-Broadway (“Vampire Lesbians of Sodom”) film (Whit Stillman’s “Metropolitan”) television (“Sesame Street”) and has written songs for the likes of Ann Magnuson, Lisa Kron and others too numerous to mention. Tom appeared in the Broadway show “Cabaret” and the “42nd Street” National Tour and many off-Broadway and regional productions. His one-man show “Canned Ham” has been touring the country for the past two years.

Tom Judson at The Metropolitan Room
Tom Judson away from the piano