Three More Trump Cabinet Nominees Move To Full Votes In U.S. Senate

Attorney General nominee Sen. Jeff Sessions 

Donald Trump’s cabinet nominees are moving forward through Senate committees today, albeit in a rougher fashion than seen in earlier confirmations.

• Attorney General nominee Sen. Jeff Sessions was approved this morning on an 11-9 party vote in the Senate Judiciary committee.

The unanimous opposition by committee Democrats seems to signal a lack of trust in Sessions’ ability to apply federal laws uniformly, and concerns about his uneven background on civil rights.

• Senate Finance Committee chairman Sen. Orrin Hatch decided to suspend the committee rules which require the presence of at least one Democrat in order to allow a vote. In doing so, Trump’s nominees Steven Mnuchin (Treasury Secretary) and Rep. Tom Price (Health Secretary) advanced to the Senate floor for a vote by the full Senate.

Senate Democrats had boycotted Mnuchin and Price’s hearings Tuesday saying Price “outright lied to our committee.” Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) pointed to a report that indicated Price had received an offer to buy a biomedical stock at a discount, directly contradicting earlier testimony in his confirmation hearing.