This Is A Real Thing

This Is A Real Thing

JoeMyGod points up this very “personal” gym for “personal” fitness.

The Complete Training Program starts with four weeks of Basic Training, which guides the user through a series of pelvic muscle exercises specifically designed to create initial pelvic muscle strength.

Once Basic Training is complete, the program incorporates an additional four weeks of resistance training and the Private Gym’s patented, FDA registered weighted penis ring and magnetic weight. The weighted ring is placed comfortably around the erect penis and lifted up and down, thereby placing just the right amount of resistance to maximize pelvic muscle growth and strength.

The press materials say “Private Gym promises to boost a man’s sexual performance as well as help prevent the onset of erectile dysfunction. The rationale behind Private Gym is simple and well established: work out a muscle and it gets stronger. These are the same well-known exercises performed by millions of women to increase pelvic tone, particularly after childbirth.”

According to Dr. Grace Dorey – “As good as Viagra, without the costs and side effects.”

For purchase on Amazon for $99.99.