Tucker Carlson: ‘The Trans Thing’ Didn’t Exist Until 4 Years Ago

Tucker Carlson claims 'the trans thing' didn't exist until four years ago.

Fox News talking head Tucker Carlson claims ‘the trans thing’ didn’t exist until four years ago.

Carlson’s idiocy appears to be in response to the White House recognizing Transgender Day of Visibility yesterday which has been observed since 2009.

Media Matters has the transcript:

So, this administration is standing up for you. And those are words that every American is grateful to hear. But in this case, there’s a caveat.

“You” means trans seniors. Now, wait a second, you may wonder, as you sit down with your family to celebrate the joy of transgenderism on transgender appreciation day, how many trans seniors are there in this country?

No offense, but ‘the trans thing’ seems pretty new. And if it’s not new, how come no one had ever heard of it before, say, four years ago?

And is securing trans rights really the biggest problem that old people in America now face?

What an asshole…

In related news, Fox News announced it has hired famed transgender reality personality Caitlyn Jenner as a commentator for the network. I can’t wait for Tucker and Caitlyn to have their first on-air chat about ‘the trans thing.’