That Time When Adele Won An “Adele Look-Alike” Contest

When I was working with Carol Channing on Broadway in Hello, Dolly!, she used to tell us a story of being on tour in San Francisco on Halloween, and she was told about a Carol Channing look-alike contest. She thought it would be funny to enter.

So she did. And came in 3rd.

I think of that as Adele attempted a similar bit in this clip from the BBC last night. Adele entered a contest as a nanny named “Jenny.”

Her comments with the other girls backstage are priceless as she admits that “she” would probably really like one of the contestants performance, and another time when someone notes the use of her hands.

The final touch was a last minute onstage “nervousness” that causes her to start her song again.

But the minute she begins singing, the other girls knew. And it’s fabulous.