Thailand Moves Closer To Legalizing Same-Sex Unions

Thailand moves closer to legalizing same-sex unions

Lawmakers in Thailand have approved four different draft laws that would legalize same-sex unions to varying degrees.

A 25-member committee will determine which, if any, to the House for further consideration before a vote in the Senate, and then royal approval.

From Australia’s ABC News:

The cabinet endorsed two last week that would create a same-sex civil partnership law.

Another civil partnership bill from the Democrat Party was also approved.

A more liberal equal marriage bill from the opposition Move Forward party also passed, despite efforts by government whips to vote it down. That draft seeks to replace gendered terms in existing laws and make marriage applicable to all people.

Thailand’s LGBTQ community celebrated the country’s first official Pride Month celebration earlier this month with thousands of residents participating in a Pride parade.

With one of Asia’s most open and visible LGBTQ communities, Thailand hopes to burnish its image of tolerance with an eye on becoming a liberal holiday destination for foreign tourists.

Thailand would become the second country in Asia to extend legal rights to same-sex couples. Taiwan is currently the only nation in the Asian region to legalize same-sex unions.

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