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Texas Rep. Blake Farenthold cannot say President Obama was “legitimately” elected

On Hardball last night, Rep. Blake Farenthold of Texas chatted with host Chris Matthews about a number of issues.

At one point Matthews asked about Sen. Ted Cruz’s eligibility to run for President, because he was born in Canada. Matthews has long maintained that Cruz, who has an American mother, is indeed eligible to be president. However, many in the Tea Party maintain that President Obama was not legitimately elected because they don’t believe he was born in Hawaii even though the Republican governor of the state released his birth certificate.

“I believe he’s (Cruz) is eligible. He had an American mother. I believe you’re a natural born citizen. Do you agree with that?” Matthews asked the congressman.

Farenthold replied, “Listen, we’ve had this discussion on Obama… He’s as eligible as Obama is.”

Ultimately, Matthews said, “Can you repeat after me: he was legitimately elected president.”

Farenthold repeated, but with a key word left out: “President Obama was elected president”

“Legitimately,” said Matthews.

“The people elected him,” Farenthold said, refusing to say “legitimately.”

Matthews concluded: “Everybody watching knows what you’re doing. You’re dodge balling.”

What is with these people? SRSLY.

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