Happy birthday Billy Porter

Happy birthday Billy Porter

If you don’t follow THE Billy Porter on Twitter, you should.  Funny, outrageous and shares unexpected nuggets of wisdom du jour.

Today is the Tony Award-winner’s birthday, so I’m celebrating with his music and talent since I can’t be with him in person.  I’ve known Billy for over 20 years and couldn’t  be prouder of who and where he’s taken his life journey.

Happy birthday Billy Porter
Celebrating Billy’s birthday “some” years ago…

He’s been stopping the show on Broadway for over 20 years and still doing it.  The video from below takes us back to 1994 when he appeared on The Tonight Show performing “Beauty School Dropout.”  I remember watching this live at home and screaming!  Billy sings his face off!  

Thank you Mr. Kinky Boots for all the laughs, talent and smarts you bring to every table.

Love you muchly.

And while we’re at it, let’s just go for the Big Montage of Billy singing through the years”