Teen Insurrectionist Begs: ‘I Just Want To Go Home To My Mom & Dad’

From The Daily Beast:

The youngest rioter to be charged with the storming the Capitol on Jan. 6 had begged a judge let him to go home after being denied bond, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

Bruno Joseph Cua, 18, is facing multiple charges including assaulting a federal officer, and has been in jail since Feb. 5. His parents drove him from Atlanta to D.C. for the so-called “Stop the Steal” rally.

Prosecutors say the teen shoved a cop and made it all the way to the Senate floor. Videos show him carrying a baton through the halls of the Capitol.

In a letter submitted to the judge on Thursday, Cua said he is “deeply remoursefull [sic] and regretful. After all, that’s what jail’s for, right? Teaching people a lesson?” He added, “I just want to go home to my Mom and Dad, I am truly sorry.”

Sorry. I have no sympathy. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.

Check out some of the screen captured tweets in the second tweet below. He was being tough guy then, he can summon some of that toughness now.