Tawny Heatherton at the ATM – all the world’s a stage

Tawny Heatherton is the new alter-ego of the fantastically talented David Drake, perhaps best known as the Obie Award winning actor and writer of “The Night Larry Kramer Kissed Me.”

I was blessed to work with David in the off-Broadway hit show “Pageant” – with the daunting task of being, among other roles, David’s stand-by. I made a conscious decision to learn as much as I could from David. Night after night, I was tickled and amazed at how David’s “Miss Deep South” was constantly new, fresh, different and committed. The things he found were brilliant, with a total lack of fear.

Check out “Tawny’s” new Facebook Fan page. And check often. David is so creative – sometimes over the top, sometimes so subtle – that you can’t help but watch.

I can’t wait.