Take a hike…

Take a hike…
Who wouldn’t want to take a walk here?

A few pounds have crept back on my waist as well as some tension in my shoulders and neck.

Lately, I haven’t been at the gym as often as I’d like mainly because “I don’t have time.”

I know we all say that.  So I’m trying to do five minutes here and there for my mental and physical betterment.  I won’t get pumped up probably but I’ll feel better.

For the past week, in the middle of the day I walk for 10 minutes around my neighborhood.  Not a big deal, I know.  But it’s something.  And mentally it feels much better to look around in the sunlight for just a few minutes than sit in my office.

I’m also challenging myself to stop, drop and do 25 pushups at least four times a day.  Takes 30 seconds and even that little amount of exertion makes a difference.  If not, pushups then it’s 50 crunches.

Little bits.  Little bits.

Just those small changes and I lost 3 pounds in a week.

I’d love to hear what small changes readers here make to improve mental and physical health.

Let me hear from you.