Trump Nation: Obama & Hillary Probably Sent Mailed Pipe Bombs To Themselves

MSNBC’s The 11th Hour sent a reporter down to chat with Trump supporters at a rally down in Charlotte, North Carolina, and the results are about what you’d expect.

Only worse.

Meet Trump supporter Arvil Runyon, who believes Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton sent themselves pipe bombs to influence voters.


That’s in stark contrast to the facts that show the MAGAbomber’s fingerprint and DNA was ON THE F*CKING BOMBS.

Bombs Sent To Frequent Trump Targets Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton & CNN

Bombs were discovered to have been sent to former President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton this morning.  The offices of CNN at Time Warner Communication in New York City were also evacuated over a reported explosive device.
Former President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Bombs were discovered to have been sent to former President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton this morning.

The offices of CNN at Time Warner Center in New York City were also evacuated over a reported explosive device.

From The New York Times:

Explosive devices were sent to former President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, as well as to CNN’s offices in New York, sparking an intense investigation on Wednesday into whether a bomber is going after targets that have often been the subject of right-wing ire.

A law enforcement official said the three devices were similar to one found Monday at the home of George Soros, the billionaire philanthropist and liberal donor who has come under fierce criticism from conservatives and conspiracy theorists.

None of the devices harmed anyone. Law enforcement officials said they were investigating whether all the devices were sent by the same person or persons.

Clinton, Obama, Soros and CNN have all been frequent targets of Donald Trump in his campaign rhetoric.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders issued a statement condemning “the attempted violent attacks recently made against President Obama, President Clinton, Secretary Clinton and other public figures.”

“These terrorizing acts are despicable, and anyone responsible will be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law,” said Sanders according to the Associated Press. “The United States Secret Service and other law enforcement agencies are investigating and will take all appropriate actions to protect anyone threatened by these cowards.”

According to several reports, the package mailed to CNN’s offices was addressed to former CIA director John Brennan, who has been a vocal critic of the Trump administration since becoming a CNN commentator.

College Wrestler Loses Scholarship After Shouting ‘F**k You, Faggot’

Bronson Harmon

A college wrestler has lost his scholarship after being captured on video shouting an anti-gay slur while attending a pro-Trump rally.

California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly) revoked a scholarship to 18-year-old wrestler Bronson Harmon after he was recorded yelling homophobic abuse in a video shared on Facebook.

Holding a pro-Donald Trump sign, Harmon can be seen making an obscene gesture and shouting “f**k off, faggot!” in the video that has been viewed more than 33,000 times (at this writing) since it was initially posted on June 30.

The incident took place after the Modesto, California Families Belong Together march which protested the Trump administration’s policy of separating migrant children from their parents at the border.

Abdul Lasaing, who is a clerk for the Modesto Police Department, filmed and posted the video, writing that he was walking back to his car after the march when he encountered a group of men that included Harmon.

“I heard a group of men shouting and trying to scare us by saying #sendthemback and even yelled at someone nig**! I was so in chocked [sic] so I automatically pulled out my phone to record, and see who was being so disrespectful!” Lasaing shared on Facebook.

One of the people commenting on the video thread identified Harmon as having won a wrestling scholarship at Cal Poly, saying, “It’s time to take that scholarship away from him.”

And that’s exactly what happened.

Harmon is now expressing some sense of remorse over his actions, but feels his punishment exceeds his bad behavior.

“Saying what I said is definitely not the right thing. I am supposed to be there to help the community be the best person I can be and represent the college the best way I can,” he told local newspaper, The Tribune.

“I still feel like my freedom of speech was taken away, and I don’t think my scholarship should have been revoked over something like that,” he added.

Clearly, Harmon hasn’t studied the Constitution to understand what ‘freedom of speech’ does and doesn’t protect.

Cal Poly Athletic Director Don Oberhelman confirmed to The Tribune the university was aware of the video.

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Viral Video: Racist Attacks Woman Wearing Puerto Rico Shirt As Cop Does Nothing

Drunk man accosts woman in Illinois

Trump Nation strikes again.

In a video that captured the attention of the Twitterverse this morning, a police officer stands by silent nothing as a woman setting up for a birthday party is harassed in a public park for wearing a shirt with the Puerto Rican flag.

The woman, Mia Irizarry, recorded the assault and posted it to her Facebook on June 14.

Accosting the woman, the harasser (who appears to be drunk) yells at the woman for wearing the shirt telling her, ‘You should be wearing the American flag.’

Throughout the ordeal the man gets in the woman’s face who even as she stays calm while recording the incident.

She calls out to a police officer seen in the background of the video who can clearly see what is happening. But the officer just wanders off.

“Officer, I feel highly uncomfortable. Can you please grab him? Please, officer,” she says. The man continues ranting, while the officer doesn’t acknowledge Mia Irizarry’s call for help.

Watch below the stunning video below.

You can watch the full 36 minute video on Facebook here. It is astonishing how the officer does nothing to aid the woman.

The harasser was eventually arrested & charged with assault & disorderly conduct.

The officer was identified as working for Forest Preserves of Cook County in Illinois.

CBS News correspondent David Begnaud shared the video this morning and it immediately went viral.

Begnaud followed up with a video report via Twitter confirming the man was eventually arrested for public intoxication and

The police officer who refused to intercede has been put on desk duty for now.

Begnaud reached out to the agency that employs the officer and received no response. But a half hour after his contact, the agency released this statement:

“All people are welcome in the Forest Preserves of Cook County and no one should feel unsafe while visiting our preserves. After the June 14 incident, we immediately launched an investigation pursuant to our personnel policies into the response of our officer. The investigation is ongoing and the officer involved has been assigned to desk duty pending the outcome. The intoxicated individual involved in the incident was arrested and charged with assault and disorderly conduct.”

As Begnaud notes in his video report, the agency didn’t address the issue with the public until the video took off on Twitter earlier today.

Delta Airlines Bans Disruptive Trump Supporter For Life, Issues Apology To Passengers

Delta Airlines has issued this apology to the passengers who were intimidated into silence with an anti-Hillary rant during a flight from Allentown last week:

“We are sorry to our customers who experienced this disruption. We have followed up with the teams involved and all agree that this customer should not have been allowed to continue on the flight. Our responsibility for ensuring all customers feel safe and comfortable with Delta includes requiring civil behavior from everyone. The behavior we see in this video does not square with our training or culture and follow up will continue so we can better ensure our employees will know they will be fully supported to make the right decisions when these issues arise.”

According to the person who initially uploaded the video of the rant, the man has been allegedly identified as Jamie Winnefrock, an employee of Rockwell Collins. Rockwell has come under fire for the behavior of their employee. The company posted this message on Facebook (without denying the man works for them):

Like many, we found the behavior of the person captured on video of Delta Flight 248 unacceptable. We are currently investigating the matter. Regardless, we don’t condone this type of behavior, nor does it in any way align with our company’s core values or the pride we take in fostering a culture of tolerance, integrity and respectfulness.

A memo to Delta Airline employees from the CEO of Delta asserts the man will not be allowed on any Delta flight in the future.

Internal Memo

Date: November 28, 2016

To: Delta Colleagues Worldwide

From: Ed Bastian

Subject: Disruptive Passenger on DL248

Thank you for the amazing job you did running our operation and taking care of our customers during the busy Thanksgiving holiday. At Delta, we strive to deliver a safe and reliable product while providing a customer experience that is second to none. You come to work every day prepared to serve our customers and to take care of each other while also dealing with the unexpected.

As you may have heard by now, last week a video began circulating around the internet showing a disruptive passenger on board a Delta flight. This individual displayed behavior that was loud, rude and disrespectful to his fellow customers. After questioning the customer, our team members made the best decision they could given the information they had and allowed him to remain on the flight. However, if our colleagues had witnessed firsthand what was shown in the video, there is no question they would have removed him from the aircraft. He will never again be allowed on a Delta plane.

Part of being a reliable travel partner and a servant leader is acknowledging our mistakes so we can learn from them and respond more effectively in the future. Delta has apologized to the customers onboard that flight. We are also refunding those customers the cost of their tickets.

I also want to make sure all of you know we have your backs. The heightened tension in our society means that now more than ever we must require civility on our planes and in our facilities. We must stay true to Delta’s core values and treat one another with dignity and respect. We also must remain committed more than ever to the safety of our customers and our crew members. We will not tolerate anything less.

Again, thank you for all you do.


Bolding is mine.

Here’s the video again documenting the man’s assholery:

Crazy Trump Voter Has White Privilege Meltdown In Chicago Crafts Store

Today in Trump Nation, we present this young woman suffering from a serious case of white privilege who was documented as having a 45 minute meltdown against just about everyone in a Michaels crafts store in Chicago.

From the Chicagoist:

According to a Facebook post by Jessie Grady — the bystander who filmed the scene — the woman began shouting after a black employee asked her if she wanted to purchase a bag for her larger items. The incident reportedly took place Wednesday night.

“Why don’t you shut your face?” the woman is heard shouting at the beginning of the video. “And I voted for Trump, so there. You gonna kick me out because of that? And look who won!”

As the video continues, the woman repeatedly yells that she is being discriminated against, confronts Grady as she films, accuses Grady’s child of stealing, and refers to Michaels employees as “animals.”

Michaels denounced the incident via Twitter:

I’m not exactly sure what voting for Trump had to do with this woman’s psychotic break, but she sure made a point of mentioning it.

Here’s the original post by Jessie Grady on her Facebook:

“This is the shortened version of an almost 45 minute ordeal I saw a racist Trump supporter put an entire store, in one of most liberal neighborhoods of Chicago (if not the country), through on Wednesday night.

“This entitled young white woman was angry that an African American employee asked her if she wanted to buy a bag for her larger items. I started recording because I’d seen her in the store and she’d told me to go ahead of her in line and when I was about to leave she started lying & yelling at the employees and going on a horrible racist rant. I’ve worked in retail and I know that 9/10 times, when a customer complains, employees suffer and the irate customer gets a discount so I started filming because I wasn’t going to let that happen.

“She was threatening these women’s jobs, shouting that she was a Trump supporter, that African American women were discriminating against her, she called them animals, said it was reverse racism, etc. She literally said to the (black) manager of this store, “You’re not my mother and I’ll do whatever I want to you!” (The manager – this amazing woman, was calm as the sea!).”

You’ll recall a similar incident on a Delta flight last week when a passenger walked up and down the aisle of a plane looking to openly intimidate “Hillary bitches.” It took Delta Airlines several days to respond to the incident.

Congrats Trump Nation! This is your country.

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