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Crazy Trump Voter Has White Privilege Meltdown In Chicago Crafts Store

Today in Trump Nation, we present this young woman suffering from a serious case of white privilege who was documented as having a 45 minute meltdown against just about everyone in a Michaels crafts store in Chicago.

From the Chicagoist:

According to a Facebook post by Jessie Grady — the bystander who filmed the scene — the woman began shouting after a black employee asked her if she wanted to purchase a bag for her larger items. The incident reportedly took place Wednesday night.

“Why don’t you shut your face?” the woman is heard shouting at the beginning of the video. “And I voted for Trump, so there. You gonna kick me out because of that? And look who won!”

As the video continues, the woman repeatedly yells that she is being discriminated against, confronts Grady as she films, accuses Grady’s child of stealing, and refers to Michaels employees as “animals.”

Michaels denounced the incident via Twitter:

I’m not exactly sure what voting for Trump had to do with this woman’s psychotic break, but she sure made a point of mentioning it.

Here’s the original post by Jessie Grady on her Facebook:

“This is the shortened version of an almost 45 minute ordeal I saw a racist Trump supporter put an entire store, in one of most liberal neighborhoods of Chicago (if not the country), through on Wednesday night.

“This entitled young white woman was angry that an African American employee asked her if she wanted to buy a bag for her larger items. I started recording because I’d seen her in the store and she’d told me to go ahead of her in line and when I was about to leave she started lying & yelling at the employees and going on a horrible racist rant. I’ve worked in retail and I know that 9/10 times, when a customer complains, employees suffer and the irate customer gets a discount so I started filming because I wasn’t going to let that happen.

“She was threatening these women’s jobs, shouting that she was a Trump supporter, that African American women were discriminating against her, she called them animals, said it was reverse racism, etc. She literally said to the (black) manager of this store, “You’re not my mother and I’ll do whatever I want to you!” (The manager – this amazing woman, was calm as the sea!).”

You’ll recall a similar incident on a Delta flight last week when a passenger walked up and down the aisle of a plane looking to openly intimidate “Hillary bitches.” It took Delta Airlines several days to respond to the incident.

Congrats Trump Nation! This is your country.

(h/t JoeMyGod)